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Executive Master of Public Health degree from Cornell

With a curriculum and research focus that most closely match my long-term goals and professional interests, earning an Executive Master of Public Health degree from Cornell will enable me to achieve what I desire and deserve. As a third-generation dentist, my responsibility toward the public is significant. I want to use my MPA degree to become the Chief Executive Officer of Harrisonburg Community Health Center (HCHC), a community health clinic, and take it to the next level.

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After receiving a political science undergraduate degree from the University of Florida, I spent a semester working as the lead assistant for Florida State Representative Cynthia M. Chestnut, an advocate for civil rights. I’ve earned a Fellowship in the International Congress of Oral Implatologists (FICOI), and the Academy of General Dentistry has acknowledged more than 800 hours of my advanced dental continuing education. I currently manage Kenneth R. Eye, DDS, and PC, my father’s private dental office in Woodstock, Virginia. Being the owner of Exceptional Smiles Family Dentistry in Harrisonburg, Virginia, I worked hard to uphold the standards that led Virginia Living Magazine to name my practice the “Best of Virginia” in 2015.

About ten months ago, at 42, I defeated cancer. Now that my dental practice is paid off and my life’s course has shifted, I’ve decided to work three days each week (full-time, 10-hour days). Alongside my dental assistants, I continue to run a private practice at the Harrisonburg Community Health Clinic, a non-profit facility supported by the government. My reputation enhances HCHC as I attract new clients to their operation with my leadership style and advanced dentistry training to increase dental services.

Through the Cornell University program, I hope to establish a network of entrepreneurs and professionals outside of Virginia who can contribute to raising the standard of living in my region by expanding access to healthcare in the Shenandoah Valley. Additionally, Cornell University’s community of like-minded students will allow me to explore sponsors and assistance for franchising a non-profit health business. Ultimately, the curriculum will assist me in developing the Non-Profit Holding Company Legacy Global and LLC to franchise HCHC for my Capstone Project.

I will put my skills and expertise to excellent use when I return to my current employment, the HCHC, for the remainder of my professional career. The program will offer me the knowledge I need, the adaptability to fit it into my busy schedule, and access to funds from sponsors; it will pave the way to creating a Non-Profit Holding Company. I’m excited about the chance to train and study under top faculty at the University. This will be an exciting endeavor, providing me with an excellent platform to accomplish my goals. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Highest Regards