Plagiarism Detection and Originality Guarantee

Here at Essays Writer, we treat your trust and academic integrity seriously. We guarantee that the papers you receive from us are original, unique, written closely following your instructions, and are exclusively yours. Here is what we do to ensure you enjoy your sample and get the maximum educational benefit.

Essays Writer Plagiarism Detection

To ensure the originality of all the texts, we have the following procedures in place:

  • Hire professionals with verified credentials, academic writing skills, and high ethical standards
  • Monitor their performance and have an efficient award and stimulation system in place
  • Write papers from scratch following your instructions to the T: topic, slant, length, tone of voice, mandatory sources, etc.
  • Strictly follow best academic practices, including citing sources either quoted directly or paraphrased
  • Check every paper before delivering it to you with our continuously updated proprietary software that verifies originality and detects even an iota of plagiarized content
  • At your request, we provide a complete plagiarism report with all the percentages and figures. This service can be ordered separately as an extra in case you prefer to see hard evidence
  • Deliver papers to you exclusively. From the moment of approval, the text is yours, and no part of it can ever be re-used or incorporated in any other paper we write
  • Free revisions with every order ensure that you can always request fixing any shortcomings in case something does go under the radar

How to Avoid Plagiarism in Your Work

What can you do to avoid plagiarism in your academic papers? Follow these simple rules, and you will never get in trouble:

  1. Keep careful records of all the books and scholarly articles you read. You might not want to use it immediately, but as you write, a thought might emerge from your memory that becomes relevant. Instead of trying to recall, “Where did I read that?” you can just consult your records and cite the source. Use an automated citation generator to make it quick and seamless.
  2. As you read and make notes, always indicate whether the idea you write down is present in the text you explore or stems from your original analysis of it. This way, you will be able to avoid plagiarism and feel confident when delivering your findings.
  3. Always cite your sources for anything stated in your papers that is not the result of your original problem analysis. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a direct quotation from the text or a paraphrased reference – someone else’s ideas must be cited appropriately.
  4. Since direct quotes, even cited, still count towards “plagiarism” when papers are checked automatically, the statistics inadvertently show a small percentage even within impeccable academic texts. That is why some portion of borrowed content is undoubtedly allowed. However, it is capped. The exact number depends on your school’s regulations, discipline, type of work, or instructor’s policy. To ensure you don’t overpass the allowed quota, paraphrase lengthy passages instead of lifting them from the text.

As you can see, plagiarism has no chance at EssaysWriter – or any of your papers, if you follow the best practices.