Is Reliable? We Strive to Be as Reliable as Sunrise

Dependability is one of the core values we cultivate within the company because we know how much can hinge on that one paper you order from us. We feel privileged to be chosen as your academic helper and want you to know: EssaysWriter will never let you down. You might have preferred us to others for the bargain prices, because of your friend’s recommendation, or just at random, but rest assured that this was the right decision.

What Makes Essays Writer Reliable

What makes a service reliable? A set of strong ethical principles, sticking to procedures, and a carefully thought-through safety margin. Here is what you get at your end of the bargain:

  • Deadline kept

When you set a deadline, you can rest assured the paper will be delivered on time. We calculate the deadline based on the formula 3 hours minimum for a one-page order +1 hour for every additional page. That’s the estimated time for processing the order, finding the expert, plagiarism check, and assessing the overall quality of the paper, along with the time required to actually write an essay from scratch. If you can set it, we can deliver.

  • Original paper

We guarantee an original, custom-written paper that is free of plagiarism. All texts are written according to the set of requirements you give us: from scratch and by an expert with suitable qualifications and credentials. We then verify the originality with our in-house plagiarism-detecting software before delivering the paper to you.

  • Transparent price

You see the final price upfront before placing the order and know what it comprises: academic level, length of the deadline, number of pages, plus any additional services you choose. No hidden costs, no further payments.

  • Absolute anonymity

Our strictest anonymity policy and the latest encryption protocols protect your personal information. You are only known to our writers and support agents under an anonymized customer ID number or an alias you choose for yourself.

  • Transaction security

All money transactions on the EssaysWriter website are secure due to the PCI-DSS compliant processing and encryption protection. No third party could steal your financial details.

  • Money-back guarantee

If we fail to keep up with your deadline, you get a 100% refund. Other full and partial refunds are also stipulated in our robust money-back policy.

  • Free revisions

If you are not 100% satisfied with the paper you receive, we will fix it for you at no additional cost. You have three free revisions with every order.

How to Ensure Reliability on Your End

There are also some things you can do to make sure everything works out perfectly:

  • Check your order summary

Carefully go through your order summary before confirming the order. Pay particularly close attention to the deadline date, academic level, and writer’s category.

  • Communicate with your assigned expert

Suppose you have any particular requests about the style or content of your paper, sources, notes to use, formatting, etc. In that case, we encourage you to get in touch with your assigned expert and communicate with them directly.

  • Let us know if anything changes along the way

If you need to shorten the deadline or change any parameters of your paper, don’t hesitate to contact our support team as soon as possible. We will amend the order and adjust the price accordingly.

  • Check your email and texts regularly

Don’t forget to monitor your inbox in case your writer needs to clarify anything or our support team has an urgent matter to clear out.

You can always depend on us, yet only with your cooperation can EssaysWriter become as reliable as it gets!