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What comes as second nature to seasoned professional essays writers may present a challenge for newbies. One of the most illustrative examples is structure. College instructors often lament the lack of it in students’ writing. No matter how many times they hand out guidelines and stress the importance of every essay having a clear beginning, middle, and end, they still get a selection of stream-of-consciousness-styled papers on the hand-in day.

Students, on the other hand, complain about “why?” “rambling,” and “expand on this” comments on the papers they’ve poured their heart and soul into. All this work and for what? Only to get the essay back all peppered with red ink and graded down “on technicalities.” Sounds familiar? Then this essay editing tool is for you!

It was designed to help newbie essay writers with the most challenging part of the writing process: outlining and fleshing out structured, coherent arguments. Read on to learn how to use our online free essay editor, what benefits you get from it, and what makes it different from similar tools you might find online.

Benefits of Free Essay Editor Online

Anyway, why writing structured texts is so difficult? Maybe because it’s a bit unnatural. The structure is a learned, conventional thing. Our mind produces trains of thoughts and tends to wonder. Thinking or speaking naturally is akin to weaving an endless tapestry adding new colors and treads as you go. Crafting a structured essay, on the other hand, is a bit like cutting and sewing a fitted dress from this flowing roll of fabric, making sure that pattern continues in the right direction across the seams.

To continue our tailoring metaphor, you need a pattern. This essay editor is a pattern for an argumentative essay with a classic, 5-paragraph structure. Here is why you might find it helpful:

  • It forces you to outline before writing

Let’s be honest. You’ve heard a million times that you must outline before writing. Still, you start typing away and only try to morph your thoughts and ideas into some semblance of a coherent argument when you approach a required word count.

With this editor, you have a number of slots to fill, and you can’t get around it. Introduction, conclusion, thesis statement, arguments – structure is already there, and your thoughts must mold themselves to fit it.

  • It gives you a sense of proportion

You can switch between “Preview” mode and “Edit” mode to have a bird-eye view of your essay or zero in on a particular part of it. This way, you can easily notice if any of the essay parts is disproportionately big or, on the contrary, underdeveloped.

For example, if your introduction is 300 words long and your arguments are under 100 words each, the balance is definitely off. Depending on the target word count, you might want to trim down your introduction (maybe carry some points over to the main body) or expand your arguments a little more.

  • It keeps you focused

Unless you select “Essay preview” mode to see the entire text, you only see the paragraph you are currently working on. This way, you are prevented from endlessly re-reading your draft, checking word count, and other procrastination loops. You keep focus on one paragraph at a time for maximum productivity. You won’t even notice how your draft grows into a full-fledged essay.

  • It makes you track your sources

One of the golden rules of academic writing is “Cite your sources,” but admit it. You sometimes forget to write down the name of the author. It’s not that you wanted to plagiarize intentionally, but it just slipped your mind to make a note, and now you, for the life of you, cannot remember where you came across this pearl of wisdom.

Not an issue anymore! With the “Sources” box floating ever-present on your right, you will remember to add them. Plus, citing the sources will be so easy – just a click of a button and boom!

Tips on Using College Essay Editor

We host this college essay editor free of charge, so you can use it an unlimited number of times for multiple assignments. Here are some tips to make sure you use it productively.

  • Use it for other types of academic writing

Remember I told you it was a pattern for an argumentative essay? It wasn’t strictly true. That is, it wasn’t the whole truth. I should have said, “it was fashioned after the argumentative essay structure.” Yet as a pattern, it can serve for any kind of paper. Just disregard the name “argument” and treat it as an “idea” or a “paragraph.” This way, you can use this essay editor website to construct any academic paper in an orderly and coherent fashion.

  • Use “Argument Edit” mode to develop paragraphs

In the “Argument edit” tab, you will see a list of your main points on the left. Select any of your main points to flesh it out, or click “Add Argument” to create a new point. For each point, you have the necessary “Topic Sentence” and “Conclusion Sentence” fields to fill in to ensure the consistent, logical structure of all your paragraphs.

  • Don’t limit yourself to just three body paragraphs

You don’t have to limit yourself to classically prescribed three main points. Keep adding new paragraphs if you have what to say to your readers. This is better than cramming several topics into one inflated and messy paragraph. You can always delete any of your points if they seem redundant later in the writing process. To do that, just click the “Delete Argument” button below the “Conclusion Sentence” field.

  • Use “Essay Edit” mode to improve composition

The points you add are displayed chronologically – the first one added is on top. However, you can quickly move your paragraphs around in the “Essay Edit” tab with the help of the “Move Up” and “Move Down” buttons.

A click of a button will move the entire paragraph neatly, which is much more efficient than cutting and pasting it in the word processor. No more entire sections forgotten in the clipboard limbo, no more random phrase leftovers littering the text, and no more paragraphs inserted in the middle of a sentence paragraph because your finger slipped. Just clean and simple block editing.

  • Don’t forget to save your essay

To continue working on your essay later, save your work as an XML file on your device. To do that, click “Save As…” and it will be automatically saved in the “Downloads” under the name you’ve put in the “Title” box. When you are ready to continue, open our online editor and load the XML file from your computer by clicking “Browse…” to locate it on your device. Then click “Load” to reopen it in the online editor and resume your work.

  • Proofread and spellcheck before handing it in

At any time, switch to the “Preview” tab to see the entire text of your essay. When you are happy with your draft – all the points are explored, the required word count is met, and the structure looks logical and balanced – copy and paste the text from your browser window into the word processor of your choice. From there, print it out or save it in a format required by your school for submission.

Don’t forget to check spelling, grammar, readability, and punctuation. You can use the built-in tools of your word processor or perform each check thoroughly with a designated editor in our free writing toolbox.

Common Questions about Essay Editing Tool

Below you will find some FAQs about this essay editor with short answers. Make sure you’ve looked under this section before contacting our Support Team with inquiries about this tool.

Is this essay editor online free forever?

Yes. This tool is free and for everyone to use, and it will stay this way until our website remains operational. There are no time limits or other restrictions, so you can continue working on your essay tomorrow or a week from now.

Does your free college essay editor keep copies of my work?

No, you don’t have to worry about that. Apart from the file stored locally on your device, there is no other copy, so no one can access it except for yourself. If you fail to save it on your computer before closing your browser window, your work will be lost.

Is this a professional essay editor?

No. This is an essay construction tool designed to help students with essay composition. For more robust editing features (readability, grammar, consistency, word usage, etc.), look for respective tools in our free tools collection or order customized help from professional editors.