Is Legit, and Is Ordering Papers from This Company Okay?

Spoiler alert: it’s a “yes” to both parts of this two-fold question. Essays Writer is an established company trusted by thousands of customers nationally and globally. We operate under the USA corporate law, guaranteeing the security of your purchases and delivering high-quality papers on time.

Ordering papers from us is safe for you and is absolutely legal. Here is what you need to know to ensure the best experience for you and to prevent service abuse.

Is Essays Writer Legit Business?

Essays Writer is a writing services provider operating in strict adherence to the US and international law. We value your opinion highly and strive to provide the best experience for our customers. Here is how we uphold our values and standards:

  • We protect your personal information and guarantee that it will never be shared with and cannot be intercepted by any third parties
  • We guarantee the security of your payments and the safety of your financial details
  • We take the responsibility to deliver the paper before the set deadline or offer you a full refund if anything prevents us from keeping our promise
  • We ensure the originality of your papers with rigorous plagiarism checks
  • We adhere to the best academic practices and guarantee that all information cited in your paper will be obtained legally from trustworthy scholarly sources and duly attributed

Is It Ethical to Use EssaysWriter for College?

From a legal standpoint, there is nothing wrong with ordering a customized text of any nature – a speech, a report, an essay, a presentation, or a fiction story. Professional writers create texts for public figures and co-author best-selling books as ghostwriters all the time.

However, there is an ethical dimension to it. When you use our website, make sure you do not violate the rules and regulations of your school or any other affiliated institutions. Here is an approximate checklist to make sure you use EssaysWriter.Org ethically:

  • Use the sample papers we deliver only as a studying aid to inform and enhance your own original writing.
  • Do not submit any of the materials we provide to any degree-granting institution towards academic credit under your name.
  • If you use any materials obtained from our website in an academic paper, make sure to cite them properly.
  • Do not ask our experts to take tests, participate in classroom activities, or pass examinations under your name.
  • Do not request help from our service for strictly individual assignments. If assignment instructions prohibit any type of collaboration, assistance from us can be considered unauthorized help under your school’s rules.

Our goal is to close the achievement gap by offering affordable personalized assistance so that no struggling student is left behind. However, we encourage you to always act in the spirit of academic integrity and use our service in accordance with your school’s honor code.