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PESTEL Analysis Essay Example

The Target Market

Most of the target market will consist of young ladies who enjoy applying opulent cosmetics. In addition to the obvious favorable impacts that cosmetics have on the physical well-being of women, they also have positive psychological and social advantages (Andi Amar Ma’ruf). They play a crucial part in exhibiting one’s uniqueness and taste in the world, which is why they are considered an essential form of communication.

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The 4Ps of Unilever Organization

Unilever’s operations span the globe; thus, the company must tailor its marketing approach to suit individual countries and cultures. The product, the place, the promotion, and the price are the four Ps of marketing, or the elements that work together to bring in customers. Unilever’s marketing mixture consists of four P’s: place, product, price, and promotion (Andi Amar Ma’ruf). However, with the right mix of pricing and advertising, any company can ensure a good profit margin. On product, Unilever has food, home care, refreshment, and personal care. On place, the organization have retailers, stores, and kiosks. Additionally, on price, the organization has premium pricing policy, product bundle pricing policy, and market-oriented pricing approach.

PESTEL Analysis

The PESTEL/PESTLE Analysis approach is a valuable tool for managers who want to understand better how the external environment influences their organizations. Due to the company’s presence on a global scale, Unilever is subject to a diverse set of external factors (Andi Amar Ma’ruf). Nevertheless, management needs to make increasing operational efficiency their number one priority.


According to the PESTEL framework, the political and technological environments in which Unilever operates are both important. The influence of the government on Unilever’s macro environment is measured by the political element. Political difficulties, political stability, and expanding free trade relations are all on the list. With regards to the technological issues, Unilever relies on current methods of production to back up its consumer products sales. Rising business automation, more investment, and falling transportation costs are just a few.

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