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Title Generator for Essay: Unlimited Free Ideas for Every Subject


If you think writing about something unfamiliar to you is difficult, you might feel relieved when your instructor finally gives you carte blanche on the assignment. That is, initially. Because then you realize that coming up with a topic isn’t as easy as you imagined it to be. What to write about?

When you have limitless options, you are suddenly completely lost. That’s the case of the so-called chooser’s paralysis: the inability to make a choice because you cannot parse all the options available to you. There are too many! Plus, there’s the fear of missing out coming into play: if you settle for one choice, you don’t get to explore all the other exciting options that might be much better.

The easiest way out of this loop is setting a limit for yourself: a limit of time to make a decision, a limit of areas to look into – in fact, any limit you can bounce off from. Alternatively, you can just pick something randomly and let the chance decide for you.

The title generator here is a tool that can help you with both approaches. Yet first, let’s explore it in detail.

Why Coming Up with Out of the Box Ideas is So Hard?

One of the reasons why you cannot settle on a topic is because you want it to be good. Not just good – unique, unorthodox, brilliant. And here you have two problems. First, when you brainstorm, you keep circling back to the things you already know. It’s one of the pitfalls of innovation – how do you think about what you don’t yet know? Everything you can picture in your mind, everyone else has already done.

The second problem is perfectionism. You are your own worst critic. Even if the topic is original, it never seems good enough, so you keep rejecting perfectly good ideas. Let this essay title generator free you from this burden. This tool solves both problems – by combining your ideas in a way you wouldn’t necessarily think of yourself, and by being just an algorithm, you can criticize to your heart’s content and ask to come up with something better at no cost to your self-esteem.

How to Use this Generator for College Essay Topic Ideas

You can use this tool for topic generation in three basic ways:

  • For random topic suggestions in a specific subject area

This is a suitable solution when you just need an essay for a class you took out of curiosity, so you don’t have any specific interests or background knowledge to guide you or suggest a theme you’d want to explore. In that case, set a subject, leaving the topic keywords field blank. For example, you need an essay for your Criminal Justice 101 course. Select “Criminal Justice” in the drop-down list of the “Subject” field and click “Generate.” You will get dozens of prompts on various Criminal Justice issues for papers of different types: theses, research papers, as well as compare and contrast, analytical, informative, and argumentative essay topic ideas.

  • For getting ideas for essays about specific themes

If the subject area is irrelevant, and you need to write a personal narrative or just a clever essay for your English class or a writing course, use keywords instead. For example, you get a task to write a three-page essay about anything you like. You like the ocean. That’s the word to put into the “Topic Keywords” field, leaving the “Subject” field blank this time. Click “Generate” and enjoy a selection of relevant prompts.

  • For specific requests in a given subject area

However, if your task is a bit more defined and you need to write about a specific thing for a particular subject, you can use both fields. For example, you need to write about water resources for the Environmental Biology class. In that case, put “water” as your keyword, set “Environmental Biology” as the subject, and get precisely tailored titles.

Next to each prompt, you will get the “Get Essay on This Topic” button. By clicking it, you will be redirected to the order form, where you can request a sample written from scratch by a professional essay writer following this prompt or any other directions you will provide.

Where Else to Find Original Essay Topic Ideas

To start using this generator with keywords, you must first find out what you want to write about in general terms. Here are some things to consider to brainstorm initial ideas:

  • Think of the questions you would like to hear answers to.
  • What are the things you care deeply about?
  • What is the thing you can talk about for hours?
  • What is the thing you find puzzling or confusing?
  • What is the topic you would enjoy reading about?
  • Do you have access to a particular information/niche/experience that others might find interesting?
  • What was the latest news that impressed you and made you ponder over it?

Of course, different topics are suitable for different paper types. Excellent persuasive essay topic ideas might not necessarily fit informative or narrative essays, so keep the intended paper type in focus when you mine for ideas.

Using Creative Title Generator for Essay Prompts

Even a good essay title generator can’t fully substitute your judgment and creativity. Please treat the suggested prompts that the generator gives as a starting point you can develop and change as you see fit. For example:

  • Narrow down the proposed topic for a smaller essay, focusing on a particular aspect of the problem.
  • Broaden the perspective for a larger-form piece, such as a research paper or article.
  • Flip the perspective for an unexpected take on a discussion for an exercise in persuasive writing.
  • Add another subject for a compare-and-contrast paper.
  • Take a suggested topic to a new difficulty level by making it a cause-and-effect essay.
  • If you think the topics suggested by the generator are boring, consider what could be changed about it to make it exciting in your opinion? Why does this change make so much difference? Analyze this for a reflective essay.
  • Dispute the thesis suggested by a generator and prove the opposing point of view.
  • Take your associations with one of the suggested prompts for a personal perspective essay.

The possibilities are endless! Please feel free to play around with the suggestions and make them unique and tailored to your goals and assignment details.

FAQ About Random Essay Topic Generator

Okay, these are the general rules. However, you must have tons of questions about the specifics. This section aims to answer some of the most frequent ones.

Does this tool work as a short essay title generator?

Unfortunately, you cannot set the specific length as the parameter for the topics being generated. However, our generator usually provides many options of varying length: from a catchy essay title of just one or two words to detailed open-ended research questions. So if you need anything specific, you have a pool to choose from.

Is using a topic generator for essay considered outside help?

No, it isn’t. As long as you write the essay yourself, it doesn’t matter how you come up with the topic. What matters is your original take, thoughts, and arguments you build in response to a given prompt. If you still hesitate, just use the topics we provide as inspiration and develop the idea further to make it completely yours.

What if instead of title for essay generator returns “nothing found”?

This happens when your request is too specific. Try using fewer keywords, exchanging some of the terms for synonyms, or leaving the “Subject” field blank. For example, instead of “funny essay about holiday mishaps,” go with just “holidays” or “humor.” If nothing works, consider hiring the services of our essay writers – they can suggest original titles and sample outlines on any topic.

What does it mean when the generator says “incorrect symbols”?

This means that you have entered symbols that our generator cannot recognize or your inquiry is too long. Please make sure that you only make requests in English using a standard keyboard. This generator also works best with short requests. Start with one keyword and see what it can suggest.