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The Rise of Artificial Intelligence: Benefits and Ethical Considerations – AI Example

Artificial Intelligence has emerged as one of the most transformative technologies of the 21st century, with far-reaching implications for various industries and aspects of human life. AI refers to the ability of machines to simulate intelligent behavior and perform tasks that typically require human intelligence. As AI continues to advance rapidly, it brings about numerous benefits, but also raises important ethical considerations.

Review and Summary Example of the Relevant Literature

Walter Fisher proposed the narrative theory to assist in describing humans as communicators; it was developed from one of the oldest forms of communication: storytelling. The Narrative Theory is an approach to communication that states that meaningful communication occurs through storytelling. This is because people’s past experiences and other variables shape the foundation of their behaviors.

Rhetorical Analysis Example of Job Ads

This article reports the results of a rhetorical study of job postings of real estate agents and financial firms. The data reveals that businesses often use stock rhetorical figures and have similar lofty visions of innovation, all of which impact company culture, paradoxically make businesses more homogenous, and may result in overselling jobs that require mundane work activities.

Research Paper Example on Universal Background Checks Implementation

The recent school shooting of Rob Elementary School in Texas has again brought into question the gun control policy in the USA. Under the existing law, disparity exists among states and cities across the USA in terms of enforcing background checks on the sales of guns and as a result, many states like Texas do not apply stringent requirement of background checks on private sellers.

McKinsey & Company Trends Essay

Target has been at the forefront of incorporating market segmentation to widen its market share. Even so, the Company must pay keen attention to the prospective customers and their primary need to ensure that their products are tailored according to the client’s needs, usefulness, and demands. They should further incorporate behavioral data in segmentation to compete favorably in the market.

PESTEL Analysis Essay Example

Unilever will be the organization of discussion in this case. Regarding producing goods for the general public, Unilever is right up there with the largest and most successful companies. The company has successfully positioned itself inside the industry by differentiating itself from well-known cosmetics lines.


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