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AI Essay Writer for College: Is Future Finally Here?

People have always been striving to delegate difficult or unpleasant tasks to technology. Cleaning, producing fabrics, lifting weights, cutting metal sheets into fine tools, computing – it seems there are no limits to what machines can go for us. It was only a matter of time until we would ask them to try their skills at one of the most difficult and human tasks of all: writing.

Nick James and His “Skyship Academy” Trilogy: “Boy Books” for Everyone

Nick James is a modern American writer known for his Skyship book series. His prose combines sci-fi action, steampunk adventures, and coming-of-age drama. Described by the author himself as the “boy books,” they were primarily targeted at teens and tweens, yet managed to strike a chord with wider audiences and become bestsellers.

Applied Criticism Essay

“The Ocean” is a poem by Nathaniel Hawthorne, indicating that lost sailors find peace after death in the ocean’s depths. The start of this poem suggests the various sections that the ocean has, including the peaceful ocean floor, furious waves, and silent caves. The “young, the bright, the fair” are found at the bottom of the Ocean…

Comparing and Contrasting Evidence Used in Literary Works

Minority groups frequently experience institutionalized marginalization and systemic violence, which are deliberate, intentional acts of oppression. Systemic oppression typically results from the ongoing rivalry between various groups, sometimes due to political and power struggles over limited resources under the dominant group’s authority…

How do systems and individuals collaborate to construct, maintain, and perpetuate hegemonic power?

Power does not just go to the strongest one. In fact, it is much more complicated than that. This can best be seen in the way women are made to believe that there is an ideal woman to follow. Where once this ideal had to be followed for the sake of men, the world now dictates that women have to follow this ideal for their own sake…


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